Huge time-saving benefits

Save time and money by dramatically streamlining your workflow.

Manage rights safely

Know what you have, where it comes from and how you can use it.

Real-time online collaboration

Work remotely with colleagues, sharing projects and collaborating over content and selections.

Be organised

Nothing impresses your clients and colleagues more than being totally on it!

Works wherever you are on any web-based device

Have Internet, have device (phone, tablet, laptop) - can travel ... and work!

Simple and cheap to use

Join the research revolution and start making your time really profitable.

Order from multiple sources with one click

Generate orders, permissions letters, price requests from multiple sources with minimum effort.

Get started for free!

Pick from four packages - Free, Bronze, Silver, Gold - or go for the tailored publishers Platinum solution.

100% web-based

Nothing to install, simple to use - just sign up and get started now.

Single-click data capture

Transfer images, rights information and metadata from websites you are researching directly to Capture Desk.

Browser plug-ins
Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer 7+
  • View embedded IPTC metadata.
  • Build folder structure to reflect research project.
  • Conduct remote content meetings.
  • Generate permissions letters automatically.
  • Patented technology.
  • Capture Desk is great! It's given me a competitive advantage. I have had many jobs offered to me on the basis that they liked the product so much.

    - Veneta Bullen, Chair of the Picture Research Association

  • My clients are very impressed by Capture Desk. It makes a lot of difference to me - it makes me more efficient and organised . . . and I can change things right up to the last minute as I don't have to rush to get a CD in the post. Also, my client can review a project at any time to make sure it is going the way they want. I think more picture researchers need to know about it.

    - Charlotte Lippmann, former chair of the Picture Research Association

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