All of your questions answered

capture DESK is entirely web-based. All you need is any device with a web browser and an Internet connection. All your images are stored online in the cloud, and available from anywhere. In order to take advantage of the "right-click" image capture, you'll need to install our plugin which you can do from the dashboard.
No, capture DESKis entirely controlled through the web browser. It works like a website, only that access is restricted to you only. All operations, such as adding images, is done through the browser. Besides storing the images it also performs a number of management functions for you, which goes far beyond what a simple FTP site could provide.
capture DESK can notify your clients for you. They will automatically receive an email with a link. They then access capture DESK via a web browser - no passwords are needed.
You can either upload any image file from your desktop or even transfer images from many photo libraries' websites. The direct transfer is only not possible on those sites that deliberately prevent the download of their thumbs/preview/zoom images anyway. Most other sites work - there is no need for libraries to be associated with capture DESK to enable this.
When you first subscribe to capture DESK, there will be a prompt to download and install the "Right-Click" plugin. Once you install this, you'll be able to to simply "Right-Click" any picture and an option will show called "Send to capture DESK". Just click this, a prompt will come up for you to login, and you can send your image straight to your desired folder!
Our browser plugin works on Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. We do recommend however, that you use either Firefox or Google Chrome while using capture DESK. In the event that you are running a browser or a browser version which we do not support, you can still use images from other sites however you won't be able to "Right-Click" to send the images into DESK.
Yes and no. Many libraries provide caption and keyword information embedded in their low-res and zoom/preview image files. If this is the case, capture DESK will import this information.
Both Hi-Res and Low-Res images can be stored within capture DESK. Please take a look at our packages to see more on which one suits you.